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Informale is a premium menswear boutique in Melbourne specialising in timeless, handcrafted clothes that look to military staples and the vintage mid-century silhouette, finished in niche artisan fabrics. They consider themselves an ‘antidote to fast fashion’, with each garment crafted to withstand the passing of years and seasons. 

When creating the Informale concept, the founders knew one thing was for sure — they needed to make their garments locally. For them, the label “Made in Melbourne” is very important. It allows them to support sustainable businesses and also to physically be a part of the process from beginning to end.

Each step can be overseen in person, from designing each piece, sampling and perfecting it with their production team, and quality checking to make sure they are happy with each garment before declaring it ready to be shipped out to their customers. When we say local, we mean local: their workshop is barely a 30 minute drive away from their boutique in Melbourne’s CBD.

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